Let’s say that again. I have a 2-year-old. Say what?

Austin turned 2 a couple of weeks ago, but he just had his well check appointment so I wanted to be able to give a full update.

For his birthday we celebrated as a family of 4. It feels so right to say that, we are a family of 4. His actual birthday was on a Monday so we celebrated on Sunday. We went to the zoo, had a nice family dinner and I baked yummy cake (at least Aaron and I thought so, Austin isn’t a huge sweets person so he took about 2 bites).

So here is how far Austin has come in 2 years:

  • He has become a super goofy, fun, loving and social kid.
  • His current greeting to people is to show his belly. I’m not sure where it came from, but any time someone comes into a room or he wants to say hi, he lifts his shirt and presents his belly.
  • As we have known for some time, he is allergic to dairy, but we have also learned that he is also allergic to Cashews and Gluten (I’m working on a post about our food allergy journey)
  • Since we cut out gluten 2 months ago, he is no longer constipated and doesn’t need any meds to help with his stools, and he has had a major growth spurt.
  • He is steadily gaining weight, FINALLY! He is on his curve in the 5th percentile at 22 lbs.┬áHe has grown 4 inches in height, which is awesome. He jumped to the 47th percentile.
  • He talks like crazy, learning new words everyday. His communication skills have made a huge leap lately and I can understand him more often than not.
  • He is the best big brother. He always checks on Lucy, and has started to play with her. He always makes sure that she has toys, her blanket, her pacifier and anything else that he thinks she needs.

He has done so much growing in the last few months, but with that comes all the emotions. The crying, the melt downs and the sleep regression is certainly keeping me on my toys, but I wouldn’t change a thing! I love you buddy!


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