It has been a crazy few weeks. We moved to our new house, and then a week later went on a vacation to Colorado for my cousins wedding. We are back, and slowly getting settled into the new house, and I finally have a moment to write a post.

Since we were flying to Colorado with 2 under 2, we decided to make a full week vacation out of it. My cousin’s wedding was in Breckenridge, and at the end of the vacation we spent a couple of days in Denver.

This was our first trip as a family of 4, and the baby is at a perfect age to travel (she just sleeps), but a 2-year-old was a whole new world. Add to that the time change, 2 year sleep regression, all the change in his little life in a short period of time and the terrible twos and it made for an interesting trip. I say trip, because I’m not convinced it was a real vacation. All this said, the good times outweighed the bad and we all survived and are back on schedule.

Here are the highlights from our trip in photos. Be prepared there are a lot, and many more that I didn’t post. . .

The plane: We’re off

Welcome Party:

First Hike: Austin fed a chipmunk

Wedding Festivities:

More Hikes: Thankful for babywearing

Denver Children’s Museum:

Union Station Fountain:

Rocky Mountain Arsenal: We saw a Buffalo

Hotel and Plane Sillies:

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  1. Looks like so much fun!! I feel like our trip to the beach a month ago was a disaster compared to your pictures. ? Maybe I’ll write a post about it. ? Great pics!!!

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