It has been one heck of a couple of weeks. In case you wondering 2 kids can be a lot of work. I know, I know, No shit sherlock! But, as much as I love watching their relationship grow, and most days are full of fun and adventure, the last couple weeks have been exhausting!

The weather seems to have changed early this year and has been very fall like. Although I love fall, and I mean LOVE, it also is the start of cold and flu season. And sure enough we started off fall with a cold.

We teach our kids to share so well that they even share their germs. Ugh!

A baby cold has to be the worst. It is Lucy’s first cold and she has been fighting it hard. Poor thing can’t breathe and hates to have her nose wiped. You would think the world was ending every time I wipe her nose.

Austin started the whole cold business, but the advantage he has is that he can actually blow his nose and it makes the whole process way less dramatic. He has mostly just been tired while he fights off the cold.

And the there is me. I managed to avoid the cold for the most part, but I think my body was working so hard to fight the germs while I was taking care of 2 sick kiddos that it left me exhausted!

However, we seem to have made it out the other end and with the start of fall I hope to get back to writing a little more!

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