As promised last week, Lucy’s 2 month update.

  • She is still growing like a weed – 10lbs 10oz and 22 3/4 inches long. She jumped from the 45th percentile to the 66th percentile in length. Long and lean (Shocker)
  • Still sleeping through the night (I know, I can’t believe it either)
  • Just like her brother, she also loves having a schedule. At only 2 months, we have realized that she already likes to be laid down for naps and bedtime. We put her to bed in the pack n play between 9-10 and she sleeps until 4. When I don’t do this she won’t sleep, gets over tired and then cries. . . A LOT!
  • She has great head control and a lot of strength. Her legs are so strong, I swear she is going to just walk away. She tries to climb up my stomach when I’m burping her. It is unreal!
  • She is also very vocal and a little dramatic. Way more dramatic than Austin was. She will whine about everything and when she cries she wails! Must be my child!

I have been enjoying every moment watching her grow and change. I also love watching Austin interact with her and how their relationship grows everyday. And yes, there are moments that I can see her react to her brother and when she is awake she watches him very closely (smart girl).

I forgot how much babies learn and grow in a short period of time. What will she learn this month?

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