This weekend we were visiting Aaron’s family and enjoying the summer weather. I was taking pictures and when I looked at the pictures I realized Austin no longer looks like a baby! He must have had an overnight growth spurt. Is that even possible? That’s what it felt like.

Not only did he grow in height, but his face is much more mature like a little boy and he even seemed to lose the baby chub on his arms and legs.

It is not just physically that he seems so much older. He has grown emotionally and socially as well.

We were at a play date this morning and he was trying to play with his friend. Not just play next to like you usually see toddlers doing, but actually trying to interact with him. He used to avoid the other kids so this was a huge change.

At breakfast this morning, when he was finished, he stacked his bowl on his plate and put it on the table without being asked. He wants to help with Lucy and hold her all the time. He even understands the rules I set. I use the timer technique with him and he gets it. I never taught or trained him to listen this way. I literally explained to him the timer would go off in 2 min and then we had to get out of the tub. When the timer went off, he started putting his tub toys away and got out no questions asked. I didn’t even have to ask, he just understood the instructions. Crazy!

After a couple of weeks of frustration on his part trying to figure things out, it’s now clear he was going through a major jump in development. Now that he has figured out his new skills, he is back to his happy, loving self. I am loving the new relationship we have and am excited to see what is next.

Stay tuned next week for Lucy’s 2 month update.

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