So we have only been doing lessons for about 2 weeks (6 lessons), but after only 2 lessons I was completely sold.

ISR stands for infant swimming resource. It teaches infants, babies and children how to survive and save themselves in water. They are short 10 minute lessons multiple times a week.

I believe water safety is incredibly important, so signing Austin up was a no brainer. They are a little more expensive than traditional swim lessons as they are specialized and 1 on 1 but to me it is money well spent.

Austin does cry and call for mommy, but ultimately it isn’t horrible and it only lasts 10 minutes (better being upset for a short time than drowning). After just 2 lessons he was already crying less and was listening and following instructions. After his 2nd lesson he didn’t cry and cling to me like after the first. The instructor even had him laughing. Now 2 weeks later, he cries for maybe 2 seconds when getting in the pool, and occasionally throughout but it is much less than before. He is now floating on his back and rolling from front to back and back to front. He also can grab onto the wall and keep his head out of the water. Amazing.

If you are considering lessons or spend a lot of time around water, I highly recommend taking these lesson.

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