Seriously… time flies the second time around. I remember getting to the 1 month mark with Austin felt like a lifetime. It helps that she is such an easy baby … knock on wood, I hope I didn’t just jinx myself. But really, she has been great.

She turned 1 month on Wednesday, but yesterday was her official well check appointment so I could give the official update.

Lucy’s 1 month milestones:

  • Sleeps great – since birth I have had to wake her to eat. She has mostly adjusted and wakes every 3-4 hours to eat including overnight.
  • She is still eating and gaining weight like crazy. Gained 1 lb in 2 weeks!
  • Is starting to be awake more and enjoys watching her brother play, listening to music and participating in our before dinner dance parties.
  • Doesn’t seem to mind tummy time and has some serious core strength

Although we have had a few rough days, overall being a mom of 2 under 2 has been so fun and rewarding. The good days far outweigh the bad.

I am looking forward to seeing why milestones she hits next and to continue to watch the relationship build between her and Austin.

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