Now that Lucy has had her 6 month well check, it’s time for the official update.

She go 4 shots (including the flu shot), and took them like a champ. Screamed for a second but stopped almost as soon as she started. Even the doctor was surprised. Even her temperament for the day wasn’t that out of the norm for her.

So here is where she is:

  • She weighs 16.5 lbs and is 25.75 inches long. She falls in the 50th percentile for all her measurements (What can I say she is a proportional child).
  • She rolls around and when on her belly does the superman (and makes it look so easy). She kicks her legs and flaps her arms. She wants to crawl so bad and to keep up with her brother.
  • She can sit up completely unassisted. That is her preferred position these days since she can see whats going on, play, and keep an eye on Austin.
  • She is very vocal. She babbles, screeches (and I mean loud, high-pitched screeching), and loves to blow raspberries (a brass player in the making?).
  • Although her hair is super blonde and looks practically non-existent, it is coming in pretty thick and long. My favorite part is the straggler hairs that are probably baby hairs that never fell out and are super long now. Especially around her ears.

Half a year down! She is growing so fast, but now her little personality is shining through and I love seeing the little girl she is becoming.

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