I thought I would pop in and share how we managed Thanksgiving with food allergies. This was the first year that I really had to accommodate all the allergies since Austin was old enough to eat everything.

I hosted, but to make hosting easier, I let other people help!! Hello, why wouldn’t you? Most people like to help, and it takes some of the burden off you as the host.

My mother-in-law brought snacks (she makes this amazing Chex mix), and also Green Bean casserole. Green Bean Casserole is a little more difficult to make gluten and dairy free (although not impossible), but it’s not my favorite so I don’t mind missing out. Aaron loves it though, so his mom made her normal recipe.

My sister-in-law bakes the pies. She is also gluten-free, and makes a fantastic gluten-free pie crust! She made an apple (for those of us that are also dairy free), and a pumpkin, pecan (which is one of their favorites, but has dairy). For the apple pie, instead of attempting to roll out and lay a crust on top (if you ever baked gluten-free crusts, you know it can be a crumbly mess), she cut out different sizes of circles to layer as the top. It looked pretty and even stayed together when we were cutting the pieces (we documented that moment, of course).

I handled the main dishes. I made the turkey and gravy, stuffing (both gluten-free and regular), mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce.

I don’t do anything fancy with the Turkey, just some aromatics. I stuffed it with onion, apple, rosemary, and a cinnamon stick. And the cranberry sauce is just that, cranberries, water and sugar.

I made regular stuffing for the people who don’t have gluten issues, but then decided to make homemade gluten-free stuffing as well. I’ve tried the box stuff and it’s just not worth it to me. So for the past month or so, I have been saving the ends of the loaf of gluten-free bread. I saved quite a bit and just used those to make the Betty Crocker stuffing. I use Earth Balance butter for everything so no dairy there. It was by far the best gluten-free stuffing I’ve made. Not too mushy, a little crunch and great flavor.

I kept the mashed potatoes pretty simple as well (since they are most likely getting smothered with gravy anyway). I just used The earth balance butter and a little almond milk for the consistency.

Finally, with help from my Sister-in-law, we used gluten-free flour to thicken the gravy.

Overall, with a few ingredient substitutes, keeping the meal simple and letting each food speak for itself, avoiding the allergens was a pretty easy task.

Now…Christmas cookies!


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