Okay, let’s talk wallpaper. Who invented it and thought it was a good idea? Seriously though.

Almost every room in my house was wallpaper when I bought it. Five years later I finished stripping wallpaper in the last room (the half bath). I have been avoiding it for years! Frankly, at this point, when I look for a new house, if there is wallpaper it is a definite deal breaker!

I have experienced it all in this house.

  • 1 layer of wallpaper – This is the easiest to deal with.
  • A layer of wallpaper over another layer of wallpaper – seriously people… there is nothing worse than peeling off 1 layer only to discover you aren’t done. And that second layer is twice as hard to get off because of the extra glue.
  • Painted over wallpaper – this is the worst because you are basically stuck with continuing to paint over it and it just doesn’t look as good. I haven’t tried to take it down and start over but it would be pretty labor intensive.
  • White wall paper on the ceiling – Yes this happened.

So here is my PSA: in the words of Ellen DeGeneres “Be kind to one another” and if you are ever thinking of putting up wallpaper, don’t do it!

End rant.


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