Say what?! That’s how I feel too. It all happened really fast but I am so excited.

I didn’t want to post about it too soon and jinx anything, and although we still have to get through the appraisal, everything else has gone smoothly.

The new house has everything we were looking for in our next home. It is only 10 min from Aaron’s work, is in a great neighborhood, and has plenty of yard for the kids to play. A finished basement for Aaron and a nice sized kitchen for me. Plus the semi-open floor plan will be nice as Lucy starts to be mobile and the kids play together.

There are cosmetic updates that need to be done to make it feel more like us. It feels a little overwhelming at the moment (especially after all the work I did on this house), but hopefully it won’t be as bad as I am making it out to be in my head. Plus we have friends and family willing to help. Hard work is always better when done together.

Our summer is going to be busy that is for sure. I’ll try to update as much as possible as we embark on this new adventure.

Stay tuned!

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